How to create less waste for your wedding

It’s your big day! You have a million and one details to think about from the flowers, food and favours. Use these simple FEELGOOD ideas to eliminate the stress of the waste you leave behind, whilst making your day extra special and unique on a budget! Leaving a mark in people’s memories, not the earth.

Flowers for now

  • Use local, sustainable florists and seasonal flowers. It will prevent exotic flowers being imported, reducing carbon emissions and will be fresher too! Afterwards, consider donating your flowers to companies such as Repeat Roses that will continue spreading the love to those who need it in hospices and hospitals.
  • Dried petals or seeds can look fabulous as confetti, as well as being earth-friendly!
Green Manatee - How to create less waste for your wedding seasonal flowers
Credit: @dragonflyave

Eco invitations

  • Consider creating and sending invitations digitally (we all know they end up in the bin anyways!) But, if you would prefer printed invitations, think about using recycled or ‘plantable’ paper. There’s something special about your guests planting and watching their invitations blossom whilst you head off on honeymoon!
Green Manatee how to create less waste for your wedding Seed paper stationery from Hannah Marchant

Eco-friendly gifts & glitter

  • Biodegradable glitter pots can be used as great favours or sprinkled across tables to
    add some sparkle to your evening party!
  • Specifically ask guests for eco-friendly gifts such as house plants, beeswax candles
    or recycled glasses. Although, if there is nothing in particular you would like, you could consider asking for donations to earth-friendly charities instead.
Green Manatee how to create less waste for your wedding plants in cups as wedding favours
Credit: @stephanieharvey

Local suppliers

  • Support local, independent businesses that source products from local suppliers. It will reduce carbon emissions, whilst contributing to your local economy. Shopping local will also mean that flowers and food will be season-dependent but taste and look fresher too! Also, shopping produce in season is more cost-effective. It’s a win, win situation.
Green Manatee how to create less waste for your wedding locally sourced food
Credit: @sebastiancoman

Get creative!

  • Pick up driftwood, pebbles, leaves, and any materials found on beaches and woodland walks to create unique table decorations. It’s surprising what a bit of (eco!) paint can do! You can also find some quirky bits and bobs in charity shops that can be spruced up to suit your desired theme.
Green Manatee how to create less waste for your wedding @ktheyfunky handmade jewellery
Credit: @ktheyfunky

Old to New

  • You can find some hidden gems in charity and vintage shops! There are some incredible designer wedding dresses out there and you can guarantee that fewer people will have the same mass-produced outfit as you and it reduces textile waste. Also, this option can be cost-effective for those with smaller budgets.
    There may even be money left over to personalise it and make it completely unique.
Green Manatee how to create less waste for your wedding preloved wedding dresses

Don’t buy everything!

  • Do you really have to buy everything? There are so many high-quality items that are available to hire from suits, dresses, tableware and decorations and what’s more, you are invariably supporting a small local independent supplier which particularly in the current climate, is guaranteed to be very much appreciated.

Make your wedding a day to feel good and do good!

Kacey x

Green Manatee how to create less waste for your wedding #feelgooddogood

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