Biodegradable Confetti: 9 Ways To Use It at Your Wedding

There are so many different ways to use dried flower confetti and the best thing is, its 100% naturally biodegradable! You can make your own biodegradable confetti at home. There’s something quite magical about preparing your own confetti during the build-up to your special day! Here are a few ideas how to use your biodegradableContinue reading “Biodegradable Confetti: 9 Ways To Use It at Your Wedding”

Sustainable Lifestyle: How to Continue Living Sustainably after Your Eco-Friendly Wedding

You’ve had a sustainable wedding and may have encouraged your guests to think more sustainably which is great! But what else are you doing now? Using these ideas and tools, you can continue to be an eco-influencer… Renewable Energy Providers Picking the right energy provider can be a mission! By choosing renewable energy suppliers, notContinue reading “Sustainable Lifestyle: How to Continue Living Sustainably after Your Eco-Friendly Wedding”

What Do You Do With Your Wedding Dress after the Big Day? 5 Ways to Recycle Wedding Dresses

Let’s talk recycling dresses! The efforts of finding the perfect dress that you always imagined can be stressful. So, why would you want it to only be used for one day? Using these ideas for inspiration, not only will you be contributing to a greener world, but your most special memory will also live on.Continue reading “What Do You Do With Your Wedding Dress after the Big Day? 5 Ways to Recycle Wedding Dresses”

Fair Trade Wedding Favours

Fairtrade Fortnight (22nd February – 7th March) celebrates local sustainability and fair working conditions for the people who make the things we love. Reflecting on the words of Mother Teresa, ‘It’s not about how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.’ Could this be the real meaning of wedding favours? GivingContinue reading “Fair Trade Wedding Favours”

Gifts for an Eco-friendly Valentine’s

It can be difficult to think of gift ideas to express your love for someone, here are just a few suggestions that will also show your love for our planet. Love is… Saying it with words Consider sending E-cards, plantable cards or photo cards from sites such as Moonpig, Funky Pigeon & Thortful. During theContinue reading “Gifts for an Eco-friendly Valentine’s”

How to create less waste for your wedding

It’s your big day! You have a million and one details to think about from the flowers, food and favours. Use these simple FEELGOOD ideas to eliminate the stress of the waste you leave behind, whilst making your day extra special and unique on a budget! Leaving a mark in people’s memories, not the earth.Continue reading “How to create less waste for your wedding”