Why You Should Never Hug a Manatee

“Why would you even consider it?” I hear you ask and what’s more, “What on earth does it have to do with a wedding business? Even a green, eco-friendly favours and sustainable wedding gift business?” I love manatees! And when Jo and I set up our sustainable wedding favours and eco gift company, Green ManateeContinue reading “Why You Should Never Hug a Manatee”

Hi! We’re Green Manatee

…and we are a sustainable and eco-friendly online shop selling wedding favours & wedding gifts. We’re based in Cardiff, in sunny (err, often rainy!) South Wales! Green Manatee was formed by us – Jo Shaddick and Zoë Binning. Jo lives near Cardiff and is the owner of ByJo a company creating gorgeous eco-friendly, sustainable andContinue reading “Hi! We’re Green Manatee”