Company Policies

Sustainability & Environmental Policy

Never Hug a Manatee Ltd. recognises our environmental responsibility and is completely committed to working towards a sustainable future and lowering our carbon footprint.  Ultimately endeavouring to become an environmentally friendly business.

Please refer to our Vision Statement, Mission Statement and Core Values for a clearer understanding of our commitment to sustainability and supporting the environment.

“We endeavour to become a recognised leader within the online retail gift industry, to minimise our carbon footprint and to support other businesses in our sector to achieve the same.”

For full details of our Sustainability practices, our commitment, journey and our Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), please visit

As a business, we subscribe to the Green Growth Pledge and also support ‘Buy 1 Give 1’ which is a process of donating to a range of environmental and social charitable causes, both here and abroad for each and every business transaction that we make.

Green Growth Pledge

The Green Growth Pledge is part of the specialist sustainability support available through Business Wales and is open to all Welsh SMEs regardless of their industry sector. It provides a practical way for businesses to demonstrate their positive impact on the people and places around them and join a growing community of forward-thinking organisations.

By signing up to the pledge, each company is asked to make a commitment to one or more actions to help them reduce impact or ensure sustainable performance.

The 3 areas of our business that we have identified using the Green Growth Pledge, are:

  • Working with responsible suppliers
  • Preventing waste and pollution
  • Well being of staff and your local community

 Actions that we are taking that will lead to sustainability improvements, are:

  • Establishing a written criteria based on environmentally sustainable and socially responsible practices to select our suppliers on behalf of our clients.
  • Measuring and setting targets to reduce, reuse and recycle waste that we generate in delivering the service throughout our supply chain.
  • Creating opportunities for local communities through the suppliers with whom we work – by bringing business opportunities for local companies and job opportunities for local people.

Equal Opportunities Statement

Never Hug a Manatee Ltd. is committed to a policy of equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion for all sub-contractors, employees, clients and suppliers.  At all times, the Company aims to:

  • Select, recruit, develop and promote the very best people, basing judgement solely on suitability for the job;
  • Ensure all applicants and employees receive fair and equal treatment irrespective of sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marital status, pregnancy and maternity, nationality, colour, race, national origin, religion or belief, age or disability;
  • Maintain a working environment free from harassment and intimidation;
  • Ensure that existing and new legislative Acts based on a stated right to equal treatment are strictly adhered to;
  • Deal speedily and effectively with any complaints of alleged discrimination and/or harassment, ensuring all such complaints are fully investigated and that remedial action is taken where necessary.

All sub-contractors and employees are required to comply with the Company’s policy on equal opportunities. Any employee found to be in breach of the policy, including discriminating, bullying or harassing another employee or any third party associated with Never Hug a Manatee Ltd., or inducing or instructing another sub-contractor or employee to breach the policy, will be subject to the Company’s Disciplinary Procedure.

Never Hug a Manatee Ltd. is an equal opportunity employer.

Never Hug a Manatee Ltd. is committed to being a successful, caring and welcoming place for all sub-contractors and employees. We want to create a supportive and inclusive environment where our team members can reach their full potential, without prejudice and discrimination. We are committed to a culture where respect and understanding is fostered and the diversity of people’s backgrounds and circumstances will be positively valued.

Equality, Diversity & Respect to Work Policy

1. Introduction and Our Commitment

We are committed to a policy of equality of opportunity, non-discrimination and to providing a service that follows practices which are free from unfair and unlawful discrimination. All employees, applications, workers or self-employed contractors whether part time, full time or temporary, will be treated fairly and with respect. As will our clients and customers.

We are committed to employment practices, policies and procedures which ensure that no employee, or applicant, receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, religion or belief, age, trade union membership, disability, offending background, domestic circumstances, social and employment status, HIV status, gender reassignment, political affiliation or is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be relevant to performance. This policy also seeks to ensure that no person is victimised or subjected to any form of bullying or harassment.

Diversity will be viewed positively and, in recognising that everyone is different.  We value people as individuals with diverse opinions, cultures, lifestyles and circumstances. We recognise the unique contribution that each individual’s experience, knowledge and skills can make and they are to be valued equally.

All employees are covered by this policy and it applies to all areas of employment including recruitment, selection, training, deployment, career development, and promotion. These areas are monitored and policies and practices are amended if necessary to ensure fair, equitable and consistent treatment of employees and potential employees, so that they are not subject to unfair or unlawful discrimination, intentional, unintentional, direct or indirect. 

Equality of opportunity, valuing diversity and compliance with the law is to the benefit of all individuals in Never Hug a Manatee Ltd. as it seeks to develop the skills and abilities of its people. While specific responsibility for eliminating discrimination and providing equality of opportunity lies with managers and supervisors, individuals at all levels have a responsibility to treat others with dignity and respect. The personal commitment of every employee to this policy and application of its principles are essential to eliminate discrimination and provide equality throughout Never Hug a Manatee Ltd..

At all times, Never Hug a Manatee Ltd. aims to

  • Select, recruit, develop and promote the very best people, basing judgement solely on suitability for the job;
  • Ensure all applicants and employees receive fair and equal treatment irrespective of sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marital status, pregnancy and maternity, nationality, colour, race, national origin, religion or belief, age or disability;
  • Maintain a working environment free from harassment and intimidation;
  • Ensure that existing and new legislative Acts based on a stated right to equal treatment are strictly adhered to;
  • Deal speedily and effectively with any complaints of alleged discrimination, bullying and/or harassment, ensuring all such complaints are fully investigated and that remedial action is taken where necessary.

2. Responsibilities

Never Hug a Manatee Ltd. will fulfil its commitment to equal opportunity by:

  • Knowing and understanding its legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and also other associated legislation and appropriate case law
  • Ensuring that all future policies and procedures regarding employment issues are developed in strict accordance with this policy on Equal Opportunities
  • Communicating this policy statement throughout Never Hug a Manatee Ltd. including to new hires and existing staff
  • Ensuring any employee who believes that they have been unfairly treated, has access to the relevant policy in order to raise the matter under a documents procedure.
  • Regarding any deliberate discriminatory action, including harassment, by any employee as a serious disciplinary offence.
  • All sub-contractors and staff are expected to observe this policy in their behaviour towards other employees, clients, candidates and members of the public.

The Directors have overall responsibility for ensuring promoting and ensuring this policy and other related procedures are implemented. They are responsible with support from their teams to provide training, communication and monitoring and ensuring compliance within their area of responsibility

The Directors are responsible for dealing with any complaints swiftly and sensitively. They should champion equality and diversity, ensuring their own behaviour and conduct is in line with this policy. They should maintain confidentiality at all times and only share information of any complaints with people who need to know.

Each sub-contractor or employee is responsible for their actions and personal behaviour. Any individual’s conduct outside of work that could have a bearing on their employment or could bring the Company’s name or reputation into disrepute will be dealt with under Never Hug a Manatee Ltd.’s disciplinary procedure.  Employees can be held personally liable as well as, or instead of, Never Hug a Manatee Ltd. for any act of unlawful discrimination. Employees who commit serious acts of harassment may be guilty of a criminal offence.

In addition, all employees shall:

  • Co-operate with measures introduced by management to ensure equal opportunity and non-discrimination.
  • Uphold their moral and legal duty not to discriminate against other employees, job applicants, suppliers, clients or any other business contacts. 
  • Not induce or attempt to induce other employees or management to practice unlawful discrimination, harassment or bullying.
  • Not victimise or attempt to victimise individuals on the grounds that they have made complaints or provided information on discrimination.
  • Not harass, abuse, bully or intimidate other employees or members of the public on any grounds and specifically on account of their gender, race, nationality, marital status, pregnancy, age, colour, disability, social background or sexuality, for example, in attempts to discourage them from continuing their employment.
  • Inform management if they suspect that discrimination is taking place in employment decisions or in service provision.

3. Forms of Unacceptable Behaviour Relating to the Equality Act

This policy aims to exclude the following forms of unacceptable behaviour:

  • Direct discrimination – Treating an individual less favourably than someone else was or would have been treated because of one of the protective characteristics
  • Indirect discrimination – An equally applied condition or requirement that has disproportionate adverse effect on particular groups that cannot be shown to be fair.
  • Associative discrimination – Treating an individual less favourably than someone else was or would have been treated because they “associate with” someone with a protective characteristic.
  • Perceptive discrimination – Discriminating against a person because there is a belief or perception that the individual possesses that characteristic, even if they do not in fact do so.
  • Harassment – Behaving in a way which is unwanted by the recipient, violates the dignity of an individual or creates and environment which is intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive for that individual.  Also causing offence distress or any other detrimental effect to the individual, including behaving in an unwanted manner which is related to one of the protected characteristic. It does not matter whether or not this effect was intended by the person responsible for the conduct.
Harassment can include:
  • Physical contact – ranging from touching to serious assault, gestures, intimidation, aggressive behaviour
  • Verbal – unwelcome remarks, suggestions and propositions, malicious gossip, jokes, banter, offensive language
  • Non-verbal – offensive literature or pictures, graffiti and computer imagery, isolation or non-co-operation and exclusion or isolation from social activities
  • Third-party harassment – occurs when an individual is harassed and the harassment is related to a protected characteristic by third parties such as clients or customers.
Bullying can be defined as:
  • Bullying – Unacceptable behaviour as perceived by the employee, which subjects the individual or group to unwelcome attention, intimidation, humiliation or ridicule or violation of an individual’s dignity. Furthermore, offensive, abusive, or insulting behaviour, abuse of power or unfair sanctions which makes the recipient feel upset, threatened or vulnerable.  Deliberately undermining a competent employee by imposing unreasonable workloads or frequent unjustified criticism.
  • Victimisation – when an individual is treated detrimentally because they have made a complaint or intend to make a complaint about discrimination or harassment under the Equality Act 2010 or have given evidence or intend to give evidence relating to a complaint about discrimination or harassment. 

4. Our Expectations      

Never Hug a Manatee Ltd. will take all reasonable steps to ensure the elimination of harassment, bullying and discrimination.  Harassment, bullying and/or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated and they are considered to be gross misconduct.

Employees are expected to fully comply with the equal opportunities policy and may be disciplined if they are found to be in breach of it.  Deliberate acts of discrimination, bullying or harassment are considered to be gross misconduct and can lead to dismissal.

5. Dealing with Complaints of Discrimination, Bullying & Harassment

If you are the subject of harassment, bullying or discrimination your complaint can be made formally or informally.  In either case, it will be dealt with promptly.

Informal Resolution

Very often people are not aware that their behaviour is unwelcome or misunderstood and an informal discussion can lead to greater understanding and agreement that the unwanted behaviour will stop.

You are therefore encouraged to try, if you feel able to do so, to resolve the problem informally by making it clear to the alleged harasser that his/her actions are unwanted and should not be repeated.  This may be done verbally or in writing in which case you should keep a copy of the documentation and, where possible, the times and dates of incidents should be recorded.  

If you feel unable to approach the alleged harasser, a work colleague, or your manager could be asked to speak to them on your behalf.  A note should be made of the action taken.


Mediation is a voluntary process and may be considered as an informal approach in resolving the issues between individuals. It may be used in situations such as:

  • Dealing with conflict between colleagues or between a line manager and staff;
  • Rebuilding relationships after a formal dispute has been resolved;
  • Addressing a range of issues including relationship breakdown, personality clashes, communication problems etc.
  • It should be noted that not all cases will be suitable for mediation and that both parties must be in agreement for it to go ahead.  Should mediation be considered an option, please discuss with Director who will arrange for a mediation session.
  • The mediator is in charge of the process of seeking to resolve the issue but not the outcome, which will be agreed by the individuals.

Formal Resolution

Formally, employees should use the grievance procedure.  In the event of the grievance being against your direct Manager, you should make your complaint directly to a Director.  Employees must appreciate that Never Hug a Manatee Ltd. may only be able to take formal action if a formal complaint is made.

Where the outcome of a grievance investigation shows that there has been unwanted behaviour on the part of an employee as outlined in this policy, disciplinary action may be taken, which depending on the severity of the behaviour, could lead to dismissal.

Employees are assured that allegations will be dealt with quickly and taken seriously.  Under no circumstances should it be feared that an employee would be victimised for making or being involved in a complaint.  Victimisation of a complainant is in itself a disciplinary offence.

If you have been made aware by that your behaviour is unacceptable, you should:

  • Listen carefully to the complaints and the particular concerns raised;
  • Respect the other person’s point of view: they have a right to work in an environment free from harassment;
  • Remember that it is the other person’s reaction/perception to your behaviour that is important;

Agree the aspects of your behaviour that you will change;

  • Review your general conduct/behaviour at work and with workplace colleagues

6. Equality Statement

In applying this policy, Never Hug a Manatee Ltd. will have due regard for the need to eliminate unlawful discrimination, promote equality of opportunity, and provide for good relations between people of diverse groups, in particular on the grounds of the following characteristics protected by the Equality Act (2010); age, disability, gender, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, and sexual orientation, in addition to offending background, trade union membership, or any other personal characteristic.

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