Biodegradable Confetti: 9 Ways To Use It at Your Wedding

There are so many different ways to use dried flower confetti and the best thing is, its 100% naturally biodegradable! You can make your own biodegradable confetti at home. There’s something quite magical about preparing your own confetti during the build-up to your special day! Here are a few ideas how to use your biodegradableContinue reading “Biodegradable Confetti: 9 Ways To Use It at Your Wedding”

Gifts for an Eco-friendly Valentine’s

It can be difficult to think of gift ideas to express your love for someone, here are just a few suggestions that will also show your love for our planet. Love is… Saying it with words Consider sending E-cards, plantable cards or photo cards from sites such as Moonpig, Funky Pigeon & Thortful. During theContinue reading “Gifts for an Eco-friendly Valentine’s”